Axle and Drive Housing Straightening

Axle & Drive Housing Straightening

Heavy vehicles like semi-trailers travel around the roughest parts of Australia carrying around a lot of weight. They have to withstand rough weathers and tough road conditions. Sometimes they even have to travel over places that are not accessible by proper roads or in many cases damaged due to flooding or heavy rains. Driving over such terrains with heavy loads can sometimes lead of accidents and damage the integrity of axel and drive housing.

Dubbo Truck Alignments has the technical competence to repair damaged axel or bent drive housing. First all the parts of the axel assembly will be examined to determine the condition and extent of the damage and repair it if required.

All the machining work is done in-house to ensure speed and reliability. All the parts are tested before being assembled to ensure that refitted parts follow and adhere to strict safety standards.

To ensure that vehicle handles the way it was designed to. To Get a Free Quote simply call 0437 191 286 to make a booking today.

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