In order to have your vehicle performing at its best you need to get the axel and suspension bushings inspected and if needed rebushing should be a part of comprehensive vehicle maintenance.

If you are looking for professional Truck or Trailer suspension rebushing services in and around Dubbo, you don’t have to look further than Duboo Truck Alignments. Give us a call for free quote and diagnostic assessment. We even provide a full mobile rebushing service for brands like Hendricksons, TMC, SAF and BPW to name a few.

In case you have a large fleet or are not able to bring your vehicle to the shop, our fully equipped mobile rebushing service will come to your location to perform rebushing and truck or trailer wheel alignment to ensure that the vehicle drives smoothly and safely on the road.

Vehicles especially large commercial vehicles like a truck or a semi-trailer take a lot of abuse on the road as they carry a lot of load and have to drive through rough patches that can cause the bushings to wear and crack over time, which causes increase in rolling resistance or drag reducing efficiency and drive quality of the vehicle.

After replacement of bushes and proper alignment not only will the drive quality improve but you’d increase the life of your tyres. Your truck will be ready to face the harsh Australian conditions safely with peace of mind guaranteed by Dubbo Truck Alignments.

To ensure that vehicle handles the way it was designed to. To Get a Free Quote simply call 0437 191 286 to make a booking today.

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